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Hey, everyone–
The game engine forum is seeing more traffic than ever before, and it can be hard to tell which threads are useful and which aren’t. Let’s try to make a point of using the thread rating tool.

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***** Rated 5 Stars

one star in this one :slight_smile:

Plant: I think it’s a good idea, but I wouldn’t want to see it over used.

Doesn’t that mean your rating it “terrible” ?

Anyway, great thread PlantPerson. Due to the increased traffic the thread rating system really needs to be used. I give this thread 5*s.

Talking about increased traffic: Does anyone know why it jumped so much in theese few weeks? It’s like an explosion.

Everytime I visit there is something like 20 people viewing on average.

PS: Is rating a thread “terrible” (one star) worse or better than not rating it at all.

Social: There has been a lot of recent buzz about the Game Engine. bigkahuna got it added to the GameDev directory and mal_can_do has written a beginners tutorial for the wiki that was featured on Blender Nation. Erwin’s physics contest also made the community news on Blender Nation, along with several other GE related issues.

The biggest factor is probably the realtime to IPO feature, though. A lot of animators are starting to see the Game Engine as a way to create realistic physics simulations for their projects (and some of them are getting hooked on it for game creation, too ;)).

Plant: I gave you five stars. Maybe later today I’ll go through and rate some of the more recent threads. I know I love the rating system on the “Finished Projects” board. It helps me see the highlights, since I don’t have a lot of time to spend over there… It would be nice to provide the same courtesy here.

I just wish they had a “finished games”, “work in progress games” games and “general questions” but I guess that’s asking too much. I also realize there are a lot of beginners here, but title’s such as “noob question”, etc. are useless. I just hope I don’t have to read these people’s python code, ever!
As far as it being more popular, great. It should get way more traffic than what it does. Blender is the easiest game engine around and makes programming games fun. There are a lot of people on other sights that ride it down and they’ve never even used it.

Don’t we all. Perhaps the admin would listen to a petition? After all, stills and animation already have boards like that… games don’t get enough recognition