Threadlocking Censorship

I see a thread was locked in News & Discussion today. I’m not sure I see why it was locked; something about it being a “vs.” thread. I was curious enough about it to read the thread but the 3rd post was a lock. The original poster is an active member on the forums and seems pretty reasonable.

Is it that we are so terrified of a little talk of comparison or competition that we just shut all discussions like this down because they might “heat up” a little… even before they start?

This kind of (pre?)censorship is potentially harmful. I just don’t see the logic behind it.


It was the wrong place for the thread. Mislocated threads are locked.

That wasn’t the reason given for the lock.

If it was in the wrong forum then why not move it?

'Cause the mods simply insist on having real lives, and don’t want to spend all their time moving threads that should have been posted in the right place to begin with. :slight_smile:

Captain Jack,

That wasn’t the reason for the lock. Are we even talking about the same thread?

Besides, moving a thread and commenting on the reason for the move takes just as much effort as locking it and commenting on it.

But again, the lock had nothing to do with it being in the wrong forum :slight_smile:


P.S. And yes, I DO appreciate the time and effort the mods give to help run the forums. Please do not insinuate otherwise.

If you’ll notice, there are a number of active “vs.” threads in the Other Software forum. Had that been posted there, chances are good that it wouldn’t have been locked.

Further, with those sorts of threads, they have a history and tendency to boil down to pissing contests between people who have never used either app or are so horribly biased in one direction or another that any attempt at rational discussion is simply moot.

Based on that, our fine moderators made a decision.

I know that wasn’t the reason for this lock, I was responding only to your question about why threads aren’t moved. It is, indeed, not much more difficult to move a thread than it is to lock it; the principle difficulty is in making the additional decision of where to put it. However, locking the threads has the benefit of training us, the users, to be more careful where we post. In theory, over time, this will reduce the work load for the admins and make for a cleaner, more professional forum.

I apologize, I didn’t mean to insinuate anything about your intent or your appreciation for the mods; I was being light-hearted and attempting humor; it’s just my way. :rolleyes:

I appreciate that. I’ve looked around at a few other threads and the moderators reiterate what you said about threads being locked and the owner notified to train users.

But I’d prefer positive reinforcement over negative reinforcement. The tried and true method of moving a thread and politely making note of why still sends a message to all who read the moved thread, without potentially shutting down a perfectly good conversation. I doubt some thread starters are going to cross-post their original thread starting post to another forum once their thread has been locked. In any case, I don’t think either locking & redirection, or moving, would be considered censorship.

But I digress…


Hogwash. It never came to that. There was no evidence that the thread was a problem. There were only 2 posts for heaven’s sake!

If the police meet you on the street, and don’t like the way that you look, perhaps they should arrest you on the spot because you “may” turn out to be a troublemaker.

Are you suggesting that if the thread title didn’t have the word “vs.” in it it would’ve been left alone?

Forget it.


Gotta be careful with that word, “censorship”, too. Censorship is, technically, the act of an authority over a group of people who prohibits the display or transmission of text and pictures for a specific reason, usually moral, ethical, or military in nature. It is normally reserved to describe the actions of a person or authoritative body in a government or industry-wide position to, as completely as possible, prevent the target audience from receiving the censored material.

Since this is a private web site, the actions of the moderators are more akin to someone saying “You may not talk that way in my house” rather than someone saying “I judge that you may not see this material”. For example, we are all free to buy our own web servers, pay for our own comm lines and domains, set up our own forums, and say whatever we please. As well as restricting what other people say on our turf. Our speech has not been censored in the literal meaning of the term, merely re-directed. We can say whatever we want, but sometimes we have to provide the soapbox ourselves.

The term has a very negative connotation for some people, and can be inflammatory. I’m sure that’s not your intent, of course, but I’ve seen where some people simply blow up over the idea, confusing the actions of a privately held and operated web site with that of a government. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t talking so much about that particular thread. I was talking about that class of thread. Look up similar threads and you’ll see a trend of how they tend to degrade very quickly. There was a bad run of them some time ago (perhaps before the shift from elysiun) that caused this policy to be inacted.

No. I suggested that if the thread were posted in Other Software it would’ve been left alone.

Agreed. I regret using the word in the thread title as it is quite harsh.


Yes, I agree Other Software would’ve been the best place for it. The guys who posted in the thread at that point were being very civil and reasonable, and I was interested in it (and to me mudbox was news :slight_smile: ).


I agree that there has been a bit more “locked” threads lately. I’ve always appreciated the “open” nature of discussion here. I moderate numerous forums (polyloop, yahoo, etc.) and we rarely lock threads, if its a post in a wrong area we move it and PM the individual. Locking threads suddenly will lead to people just not posting here. Why post a question if you’ll just get it locked, if its in the wrong forum then move it and let them know. Not everyone speaks and reads fluent english and may not understand where is the correct place. I’d think the people here would understand that. Anyway just my 2 cents.