Threadripper 2 for cycles blender is it better than gtx 1080 sli?


(arifoxs) #1

I’ve never tried gtx1080 sli but I’m sure it’s very fast when used for blender cycles, I have a core i5 and rx 580 on my pc, I want to upgrade someday.

I want to have gtx 1080 sli since a long time ago, but it’s very expensive of course,
but what if I switch to the CPU rendering.
I’ve heard the news about threadripper 2 one month ago, what if I use it for cycles render.

so, using GPU (2xGTX 1080 SLI) or CPU (Threadripper 2) for cycles render?
Sorry Google Translate :slight_smile:

(birdnamnam) #2

It doesn’t have to be only one of them. With hybrid rendering you can combine the best of both worlds. If I was to build a new rig for Blender and Cycles right now, I’d probably combine a TR 2950X with 1-2 1070ti’s (better vfm than the 1080), or go for a single 1080ti (not a plain 1080) for starters (and add a 2nd one in the future) in order to have a larger headroom with its Vram (11gb).
Keep in mind that for gpu rendering you don’t need an sli bridge. Just install the extra gpus on the motherboard, and if the system sees them correctly, you’re ready to assign rendering tasks to them.
The great advantage of hybrid rendering is that you can render scenes larger than your Vram (which is a limiting factor for plain gpu rendering), because with hybrid mode Cycles can use “out of core memory” if the scene exceeds the Vram limits.

(Felix Kütt) #3

Might want to wait with the CPU/MoBo upgrades to see if AMD announces new Zen2 based ryzen CPUs. There is likely to be a bump up in number of cores and performance and power consumption improvements as well. Unlike Zen+ the Zen2 is not just an optimization but a significant architectural improvement.

(arifoxs) #4

thank you, that’s a good idea,