"Threatened" | An Animated Short Film - The Chameleon

Hello everybody:I am a part of a team working on the creation of an animated short film. Here’s the general idea:“Threatened” is an animated short film about the unlikeliest of friends: a chameleon and a salamander. Living in a tropical rainforest in the middle of South America this peculiar and cute pair go about their lives in a fun and care free manner. But one day their care free lives are shattered and replaced by a life of fear and hard work to maintain their home. This short film tells of heroic deeds performed to protect one’s home and friends from foreign invaders. In this story, their home is threatened by humans and the plagues we carry with us. The humans introduce deforestation, hunting/poaching, disease and various other creatures that are not native to their home. This animated short will attempt to raise awareness about a few problems that are happening throughout the world in many different environments in a way that is both creative and humorous, as well as informative and meaningful.“Threatened” is currently in the process of preproduction and funding. The reason I am posting here is to ask the Blender community for some help regarding our chameleon character. Here’s the most recent render:http://threatenedmovie.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/chamelionattempt1.pngRight now we are continuing with the modelling of the body, however I wanted to ask: how does the geometry look, and how would be the best way to texture it? I am obviously thinking a combination of nodes textures and UV, but I was curious as to how others think would be the best way to approach it. Any suggestions would be fantastic!!If you are interested in learning more about this great project, please visit us on Kickstarter at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/austenc/threatened-an-animated-short-film . If you like the idea and would love to see Blender used to it’s full potential as a legitimate production tool, help us out by becoming a backer!Thank you lots,~The Threatened Teamhttp://www.kickstarter.com/projects/austenc/threatened-an-animated-short-filmhttp://www.facebook.com/threatened.moviehttp://www.youtube.com/users/JarstenStudios