Threats sent to McCain offices

Check it out.

[Threats sent to McCain offices](

More free publicity for Sen. McCain.

I hope this isn’t out of hatred to McCain.

Or worse.

I hope this isn’t out of hatred to his belief in some conservative values:spin:

Oh good! A political thread! There is certainly no way this could end badly.

Never! Politics never ends in flame wars! :wink:

I hope this isn’t out of hatred to McCain.

Or worse.

I hope this isn’t out of hatred to his belief in some conservative values:spin:
Yeah. I’m sure they did this to Scientologists for their Conservative values as well. McCain’s a tool. Some one didn’t like him. Shock!

This is getting stupid though. One day a person will get a letter with powder in the mail and not go to the hospital because they think it’s a prank.

Terrorists (aka cowards that kill) do this kinda stupid [email protected]#$. I hope the inmate who sent that mail gets the electric chair. How fool the human are.

I think I need to go cool off.

Calmly exits

Right on ropsta :slight_smile:

So you think people should get sent to the chair for sending hate mail, man that’s pretty harsh, I guess I should end this with an “I love you” at the end so it’s not misconstruded as hate mail.



urge to kill rising

10, 9,8

So what makes you think pretending to send someone anthrax is just hate mail?


"Dear McCain,

I hate you. Now, panic as you might already be dead.

PS I am a douche."
Or perhaps you’d like some of the hate mail where I wait in your house with a replica 9mm. Sounds extreme, but no different really.

You know I think I hate Lieberman so much I’ll mail him a fake bomb.

Cheney is prick so I think I’ll pretend to omitted for my own protection

Dude… what I’m saying is, there’s telling someone you hate them, and then there’s stupid [email protected]#$ like this.

They are two very different things. The people who do these stupid things should receive the maximum punishment possible. Because that 9mm all too often is real. That bomb, all too often is real. And that white powder, I shutter at what to even think if it were real.

If this were done by a child, there would be leeway as the kid probably doesn’t understand the full meaning of this action. But this was done by an adult. One who knew. And that sickens me more than anything.

7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Okay… I’m calm now…

Okay Ropsta, now that you’ve finished "shutter"ing, re read your posts.
Someone is threatening someone else’s life, and it makes you so mad at that you want to kill them.
Can you see anything wrong with this position?

Hypocracy, mate.
If you started killing all the selfish idiots in the world, apart from the fact that you’d have your work cut out for you, you’d instantly become one of them.
Let’s try to keep it civilised.

So you want to kill off people who do stupid stuff like this!?

What would that accomplish, a communist style law system that Stalin would blush at?

DISCLAIMER: You might not want to read this if you’re overly uptight, preachy, or take everything you read at face value. I’m being facetious.

Killing somebody who sends threats like this particular one, not a great idea(20 to life sounds good).

However, if they had sent so lethal a substance or a bomb that people did die, then hey, get rid of em. We don’t need them adding more evil to the world. Wanting killers dead is not hypocrisy, that’s saving lives.

Oh dear…
Let’s not open the whole capital punishment can o’ worms, mmmkay?

I bet you will piss your pants if they put you on the chair for a crime you didn’t commit.

@Freen: Oh no I didn’t :wink:

@eye208: We need sarcasm tags for the internet… Piss your own pants, jerk-off, I wasn’t serious.