Three 3D Issues

1 - As of 2.62 all the faces in my projects have become 1 Dimensional (visible only from one side) and this has caused me to get a lot more errors than usual, and I already had plenty. Is this a “Feature” and if so, how do I rid myself of it?

2 - I’m not sure not to explain this one, so I’ll use an example: I made a low-ish poly Willow Tree for the background of a landscape I was working on, and the sides stick out too much so it looks like a palm sort of; I tried to select all the lowest leaf-vertices and scale them in a bit, but they scale upwards as though I’ve selected a vertex somewhere above (which I have quadruple checked, there was not) and I cannot scale them inwards evenly. The origin of the object is in the center, and my pivot center is on active element.

3 - Also as of 2.62 I cannot rotate my screen the same as previous versions, I would like to spin around my object without moving up or down. Previously I could simply place my mouse to the side, halfway up the 3D Viewport and press my MMB in and drag it to the other side. Now it only rotates around the Z axis, no matter which way my screen is aimed.

I hope these aren’t all entirely user error T_T Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance. =]

1 - Sounds like you are in Shaded view with Textured Solid enabled or Textured view without GLSL selected. Just change it to whatever view options you used to use. Attach a blend file showing this.

2 - Give more info, screenshots, blend files describing exactly what is wrong and exactly what you want.

3 - File / User Preferences / Input, set Orbit Style to Trackball. Ctrl+U to save as default

1 - I don’t get what you mean by those, I am currently in Object Mode-Solid and I cannot see the top of a plateau I have created, and the faces that make the sides only show up for every other.

2 - It’s not rotating around the median point, when that is selected. The screen will not rotate around ‘Active Element’ no matter what it selected. It rotates around the center of the entire project, which is also not the Origin, or 3d cursor. There are over 200 objects in this project, and I do not understand why it has decided to rotate in it’s own way and not the way my input defines. This has only been a problem since the release of 2.62.

3 - That sort of fixed it and I can live with it now, thank you. It’s not quite the same, but it will work.

I tried adding screenshots, but everytime I try, my computer just lags up.