Three Album Covers

Here are some pieces of album art I made recently for a band named Panic Elbow. Made with blender and some heavy postwork in GIMP - around 50/50 in each I think.

Listen to their music here.

Very nice, I like “Every Cliché” cover the best, I love the idea and the style is great.


Beautiful covers!

My favourite is the first one, can you give some details about the process on that one?

@ Sick: So for the first one I modeled a very basic stick figure type character. And fleshed it out slightly to give the right look. The Arm was then modelled in blender and sculpted slightly in zbrush just to fix up the proportions and define the fingers and soforth. Then I assembled a very basic scene in blender - just the arm, the guy, and a flat ground plane to give me some shadows. I then rendered that in luxrender. Then I assembled the rest in the Gimp using some landscape textures from

Thanks for the info Ben. The other two are great too, but I really like the realistic look on that one :slight_smile:

The music is not quite my style, but the covers are beautiful. I like the surrealistic style.

‘Buried’ is very ‘Dali’… nice work…

The third remembers me of gman in half life 2… :smiley:

Great work!