Three button mouse

Hi to all. I’ve just recently downloaded Blender onto my nice new Mac. After a very eager start I soon became very disappointed when I discovered my three button mouse does not seem to work with this software. Basically, after I right click, nothing happens on the screen, if over an object or not.
Everything else seems OK.

Can anyone point me in the right-click-direction. : )

Cheers Buster Spleen.

Certainly 3 button mice do work with OSX

Check your File / User Preferences / Input settings
File / Load Factory Settings

Hi, thank you for responding so quick. Frustratingly, I clicked ‘Emulate 3 Button Mouse’ but nothing. I even played about with the Blender , Maya choice, but no change. One question that might be of significance: after downloading the software, it just sat in the Download folder, when I clicked on it, it opened from there, seeming not to install itself. I then dropped this folder into my Application list, but rather than install, it just opened again. Is this correct or should it actually install, basically asking me ‘do you want to install…’ as with other software?
Cheers for your help.

Download the zip file, unzip it and place the blender folder wherever you like, it doesn’t matter, as with 99% of OSX applications there is no install required. Then double click on the in the unzipped folder to run.

Hi, cheers, I will give it a try. I’m using OSX: 10.8.2, could that be the problem…do I need a Blender update? Please don’t trouble to respond if this is just not the case, I’m just puzzled why it does not work the way it should.
Thanks for your help, Richard.