Three Cheers for Alltaken!

Stop for a moment and consider all the ways Alltaken contributes to the community. Not only has he supplied free hosting for images, but he’s helpful, friendly, and funny. He introduced us to the Folding at Home program, and it’s obviously very important to him. Normally this sort of thread is reserved for someone’s birthday, but I don’t know when his is, so I thought I’d just post it now.

Thanks for everything, Alltaken! You’re great!

Thanks, I appreciate it, PP.

Wait, what?

Seriously, alltaken has been really helpful to this community. Our thanks :slight_smile:

whos Alltaken?

Did he pay you to start this thread? Or are you guys just really “close friends?” :wink:

PlantPerson, are you really a sheep? :o

Seriously though, Alltaken’s done a lot, and we don’t do enough in this community to really thank those who help us so much. I’d like to extend this thanks out to the coders who make Blender possible as well!

yes i agree, most of us talk about doing things for others and what we will do to help (in the future), but i think alltaken has really done it, and a lot without thinking about it.

so i will give a round of applause to that.

even though i really dont like your red shorts…

Props, mate.

Kia Kaha yo

you better enjoy while he’s here…because I tell you

HE’S GOING DOWN! I’m gonna kick his ass so hard in this challenge that he’ll fall off from elysiun! :<

nah seriously…you’re my hero alltaken :expressionless:

I Googled Alltaken and he’s on the first page. :o

I just noticed his title is “Donating Member.” It totally fits.


Did he pay you to start this thread? Or are you guys just really “close friends?”

Ha ha ha… Na i ain’t got the kind of money required for that…well not any longer.

Normally this sort of thread is reserved for someone’s birthday

LOL yeah i thought someone might have had a broken calander too :stuck_out_tongue:

I Googled Alltaken and he’s on the first page.

LOL that is truly amazing. really suprises me :stuck_out_tongue:


oh i will definately go down… downtown that is. to celebrate.

BTW thanks everyone. i never actually felt i contirbuted much nor expected this. but i guess that is when its a good suprise. :smiley:


Folding at Home? Isn’t that Origamics Anonymous?

“Folding at Home: A 10 step program to cure your origami addiction”

Seriously, Alltaken is an all round good egg.

Alltaken: uber props man. Without you… I dunno… We might actually have to run our own image hosts. :wink:

It just suddenly occured to me how much he does for the community, and I thought he deserved a pat on the back.

wooo what a guy, I wanna see him on ‘This is your life…’ stat!

hip hip horray… hip hip horray… hip hip horray

you asked for 3 cheers so there you go

wooooo to alltaken

That stuff about the origamics anonymous was pretty funny. I think I needed that 2 years ago…

And… Cheers!

I think this image shows my appreciation, with a hint of humour :wink:

Yeah, yeah, yeah, but what has he done for me lately?!

I promise I will actually work on this project.

I have to tell you, Alltaken isn’t that great, relatively. You are probably better founded thanking basse or theeth or letterip or one of them who actually help. :wink:

is this anything to do with Blenderville?

if so, i have had no emails since november, and that one never asked for any help or support?


mad props Alltaken, I don’t think i’ve had any personal interaction with you, but i see your posts in every topic i check, without people like you this forum would die, so i hope you stick around for years to come.