three clips for exam portfolio

Portfolio sent(whew) so I can´t do anything else to these clips.

I am new to Blender and 3D in general basically started beginning of June. I was waiting for my 3DStudioMax student license and was getting panicky so started messing with Blender.
This one was for a 2D subject I decided I´d rather do it all in Blender than learn another program for 2D.

This one was the 3D subject

Andthis one is the exam piece which had to be done in 4 days from start to finish

From what I´ve learnt so far looking back, my meshes are a mess, my rigging is weird, I still can´t sort out stride paths. Materials do unexpected things. My shape keys stopped working at one point. My imported vector curves do really strange things. I´ve tried not to get too hung up about things I can´t control yet, because I had a time limit. I´ll get more control the more I keep at it.

A lot I could improve on - you´re crits will certainly help me.

I must say I can’t follow the story line in your last piece and I find the first 3D rather boring to watch. Try to give the whole thing a little storyline. More drama :yes:
For C&C on modelling and rigging we’d have to see the rigs, the models and the meshes more clearly.
But don’t let yourself be discouraged. It is a good start! :slight_smile:
For the next project try to post WIPs early on this way you have a chance to incorporate the stuff people tell you into your work.

thanks musk, I´ll try to post more wip next time round. I agree re drama, I think I was spending so much time learning the tool that the stories fell by the wayside.

Nice work there Maiatoday.
I think you have a great sense of visual style I loved the far eastern look to your silhouettes in your 2D piece.