Three Crosses

I have been trying to get the FIber Generator script working and here is a quick render of my project i have used it in:

The project isn’t finished and i need to change the grass shorter and with more segments plus thicker. The overall scene is coming together fine. It will be set to music of Randy Travis.

Here is a render using Ambient Occlusion. This one turned out to be very nice but i still need a better grass structure and when i edited it for post prodution I accidently saved it as a jpg and the quality got destroyed alittle. :frowning:

What do you think so far? :wink:

Hey, I actually like that thorn bush look! Why would you want to create old, boring grass anyway? Even Jesus wore a thorn crown when crucified (didn’t he? I’m an atheist… :P). That connects the crosses nicely to the theme.

I never thought about that… but it is true. Still i want to add a pool of water to reflect the crosses then i will add shorter grass (still thorny) and it will be better lit! That render should be here soon! :wink:

There it is finished! It took 25 minutes to render with 16 OSA, 16 AO, 128 Raytracing, Guassian 1.5, and over 250,000 vertices! Any C&C are welcome! :wink: