Three Crosses

There it is finished! It took 25 minutes to render with 16 OSA, 16 AO, 128 Raytracing, Guassian 1.5, and over 250,000 vertices! Any C&C are welcome! :wink:

Great Work. Looks very cool!

How did you do the grass?

That is what the Ripsting Fiber Generator is on the title mat! Here is the link ( ) but basically you install python then you download the zip of fiber generator and then you create your scene in the text editor you open the and press alt p and voila you have settings at you control. You set it to what you want and then press create!

It generated over 200,000 verts! it was quite the project and it was my first with the new script! Thanks alot for the encouragement!

Send me a PM if you need more info or better post it in the links thread!

Nice. The puddle really adds to it for some reason (Although it does look a bit jaggy around the edges…)
IMO the sky could use some work. Perspective, specifically.

i know! I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of those lines! I tried subsurfed to 3 and 3 and still there were nasty edges then i applied the gaussian filter and it helped a lot but yes you can still see them! The sky was my first ever attempt at creating one other than natural blender blends and paper! I couldn’t figure out how to make it duplicated as to have more clouds which i thought would have made them smaller and made it look like there was more!! Thanks for the crits and especially the encouragement!

BTW i think someone said they liked the thorny one better cause they thought the crosses were about Jesus (although that would work too) the actual message in the song Three Wooden Crosses is about what mark you leave behind you when you die - it had nothing really to do with Jesus in the sense of his being crucified!

BTW does anyone no how to make uv textures darker without doing it in photoshop? I wanted the rode to be darker but couldn’t figure it out cause i was using uv maps!

Just a crazy idea…

Look into using Terragen
to create your scene and use that in blender.
Then you could maybe cut out a section of the
ground out and apply the grass to that.
Or take what you got now and just put into
the scene.

Understand what im saying?

About the road.
Did you try lowering the material Ref from say 0.8 to 0.3?

no i dont’ understand what you are saying - i have heard about terragen but never really looked into it and about the ref i reduced that to .3 the spectral to .1 the hard to 50 with spec color of solid black! And it is still as bright as day! Thanks for the suggest anyway! :wink:

With my monitor’s gamma settings the crosses do not separate cleanly from the backdrop.

I didn’t quite know how to answer your poll because you didn’t include a choice for “it depends.” Sometimes you need raytracing for detail but you don’t need to apply it to everything. Different layers can be rendered separately and composited together, saving the raytracing only for what demands it.

ah well then you don’t understand raytracing! (or perhaps i didn’t explain resolution :expressionless: ) You see when you add raytracing by default it is set at 64 units resolution but you can set it as high as 512 units. THe poll was are higher resolutions worth the extra time to render? Sorry if i didn’t make it clear! :wink:

Ok so your using Ambient Occlusion right?

Try this…
change the shaders Amb from .5 to .2

Use this and you’ll get way more realistic skys and

maybe in a futur project i’ll try teragen but for now the cap is cealed on this project! thanks anyway!

There are no shader tabs in global->AO!

looks good however the road needs bump.

This looks to me to be a case of misused AO. Don’t get me wrong, it looks very nice. But it lacks mood. The sky is blue, yet the lighting is overcast because of the AO.

It looks good tho. Nice concept and all.

Nice. I like the puddle, though it is a bit rough.

about the ao it is like that on purpose - you see the setting in the song is at night and naturally you wouldn’t see crosses on the road till morning (reason for blue sky) and in the song you are thinking of the death of the three characters (reason for a somber lighting) then the song goes to a uplifting note when you find out why there is only three and not four (reason for the light wood on the crosses). Thanks everyone for the good encouragment it helps alot!

About bump on the road - i have heard so much about using bumps but i dont’ quite understand what or how you make them so if you could either send me a PM or just post the links here that would be great!

Thanks again! :wink:

hey prince
i like the concept of you image and the puddle really does add that extra dimension to the piece. I have a few pointers for you though :

  1. when you use the fibre script, up the density a bit so that you can’t see the ground quite so much, you saw my last image with the grass…that was 2 million verts for the grass alone, of course you dont have to go that extreme, it all depends on the look you are going for, the preset grass that comes with the fibre generator often does a good job but sometimes it still needs to go up a bit. Also it might pay to turn down the random direction a bit

  2. subsurf and set smooth…on the grass and the ground underneath it, this gets rid of the heard edges, so it doesnt look like you grass has folds in it

3)Jeff_A was referring to the shader tab in the material buttons, down the bottom under spec and hard there is a slifer for Amb, it sets the ambient light that the material recieves, by turning it down it should darken the material

4)bumps are easy to implement in blender as Nor maps. Basically just add a texture channel to your material, and under the Map To tab change the option from “Col” to “Nor” thiss doesnt actually give you bumps but changes the direction of the normal when the image is being rendered so it gives the effect that there are bumps without altering the geometry. There is also a slider underneath the Map To buttons with Nor on it that you can use to increase or decrease the depth of the bumps.

if you need anymore help give me a yell


ah! thanks man, i already new about bumps then cause i use nor alot! (just not this time - stupid me!) My graphics card goes out when i try for more density (beleive me this the most i could get!) thanks for the tip on randomize though! About that slider - i had it set to max and lowest and still it was too bright - i guess photoshop is the only way to go! Thanks agian all!