Three different GPU weirdness

So I decided to see if I could run my collection of GPU’s all at the same time, rather than just two of them as per usual.
This happened.

Any ideas as to what might be causing it?
It only happens when the cards go into 3d model for rendering.
I’ve got an ax1200i, so power isn’t the issue. Drivers maybe?
The titan and the 1080ti are running at 16x, leaving the 1050ti at 8x, but that shouldn’t be an issue as far as I’m aware.

Can the card breathe? Or are the fans choking?

Also, I’m not so sure about that “1200W” PSU, how’s the ripple?

Plenty of room, and you can see the temps. Nothing out of the ordinary for any of them.
As to ripple - fuck knows. It is from Corsairs top shelf lineup.

Test different combinations of cards then, see where the issue starts and where it stops.