three dinosaur speed models

Over the past day or so there’s been a dinosaur speed modelling session at cgtalk. Basically each model in these sessions has to be done in under three hours. These are like the Elysiun Weekend Challenges (and our own periodic speed model sessions which I never seem to be in time for) in that you have a little time to try to make something good. Also there are no prizes :stuck_out_tongue: The challenge is essentially against yourself, to push yourself and your skills further. The real prize is self-betterment :wink:

Anyway, here are three separate models I made for the session:

    Dinosaur Skull

  2. Rex (inspired by Toy Story)

  3. Dinosaur Head #2

I also did a separate one which was post-processed and composited (all other entries above were straight screen captures from Blender):

Dinosaur head #2 (post processed)

I posted wireframes and other details at the cgtalk’s speed session forum (they’re on pages 7 & 8 in the dinosaur thread)

It’s a cool thread if you have the time to check it out because there are lots of neat dino models there :slight_smile:


Damn good work for only 3 hours of modeling time. How long did the textures take you to do? (The third one looks like it might have taken awhile…)


Robertt, really fantastic. I just don’t get it, how you find all the time to create all that stunning stuff.

Love your Rex-Model. Looks very correct! :slight_smile: Cool face! :slight_smile:

Looks really cool. One thing that bugs me about the skull though is how the jaw is fixed to the skull. The entire skull looks like one big bone.

wow i do like that skull

Wow, it really looks like a real skull. Very nice!

dante: Thanks! The texture didn’t take long to make because I learned a lot from the Blossom project about generating noise based seamless textures in Photoshop and the GIMP. There’s also a little displacement going on there. Displacement is something I still haven’t quite figured out: sometimes it works, but most of the time it sends my mesh wildly in all directions even at the lowest Disp value (.001). Every one of these projects though have a learning point and contribute to the next one, which helps to save more time with successive projects.

Jerri: Thanks! Well, yesterday we in upstate NY got hit with a lot of snow so I had the day off. A day off = major blending activity :smiley: Blender up every time I turn on my home computer, so almost no day goes by where I don’t use it. It also helps I guess that I don’t have much of a life :stuck_out_tongue:

theropod: Thank you. You are totally right about the skull looking like one big bone :slight_smile: The initial concept was to make it more fossil-like in appearance, something that was dug up, quite well preserved, yet with some fossilized dirt inside it, like some fossil specimens I saw online (some examples: (1), (2), (3). I ran out of time to work on it though, so it didn’t look quite like a fossil in the end, a little too well defined and symmetrical, somewhere between fossil and actual skull. Thanks for checking it out.

Cyanid and Rafael: Thanks !! :smiley:


Robertt do u like…live infront of the computer???

do u eat??? do u sleep??? do u even go to the toilet say…once a week??? are u sick cus of radiation poisoning from the computer screen???

i mean really, u must be a robot with an artificial intelligents for creating images.

PS: great work…as always.

Robertt: Fastest modeler in the west!

Great work Robert. You make some pretty mean textures. :wink: