Three JS Export From Blender Problem...Any Ideas??

Greetings June 27th 2014

Briefly, I am attempting to export a simple cube animation from Blender Game Engine 2.7 to three.js and I simply get errors “THREE.WebGLRenderer: S3TC compressed textures not supported” and the scene never appears or even outlines a canvas, scene or such! A “Loader” is utilized to load the Blender JS file into the scene while “three.min.js” along with “stats.js” are utilized! I just simply used the default cube in blender upon load while using Blender Game Engine and applied rotation and key frames and then exported to three.js and selected “morph animations”…any ideas?


Hi. No idea about this export business - are you using an add-on for this? Have you tried on three.JS’s subreddit or Google+ forums?

I do not know three.js

But it does not sound like it belongs to the BGE. animations are created with Blender. Exports are done with Blender too.

“S3TC compressed textures not supported”

Are you using DDS/DXT textures?