Anyone have any experience with three.js? I’m hoping to find some blenderheads that have like stream-lined their process to get Blender models into three.js and have the scene, materials, lighting all figured out. If I can’t find anyone I supposed I’ll have to pore through the confusing three.js documentation.

I’ve been fiddling around with it and I managed to get this model to show up in a browser. Results:

But really all I did was pick apart this example

And I swapped out suzanne.js with the fedora.js I created from a blender -> three.js export that you can find here.

It exports a .json file which you can leave the contents untouched but for some reason have to change the extension to a .js file.

My ultimate goal is to streamline publishing things from blender to three.js. I just struggle when I try to learn from examples or the documentation and wanted to see if anyone here had any tips / guides.

If anything, I’ll be keeping this post updated with my progress. THANK YOU.

Go here and watch all the videos… you’ll be an expert.