Three lesbians party/nudity

School project…[email protected] are welcome…MyPAINT and Genius F610 tablet

i recommend to improve the face of the woman on the right, to make it more clear, so that you can see it better.
but it is an interesting project, i especially like the butts! :slight_smile:

More lesbians…lesbians is not enought…:evilgrin:

[Sarcasm] I wonder why this is getting so many views… [/Sarcasm]

Too many male homosexuals here…:stuck_out_tongue:

I…will be right back…

On a serious note, I think I saw a female private parts in the 1st picture and now my mouth is watering.

On a more serious note… me like womanz.

The colours are lovely…make me wanna…

Kalinaki, finally someone , who like pussy in this weird purithanical forum?

We’re not puritanical. It is just that only puritans have the time to comment while the rest of us are getting busy.

heh. I can’t find any viewing angle for my crappy laptop monitor that doesn’t mess up some part of your images. THAT’s good use of color!

Well, I can’t say that this isn’t interesting. lol

I like the word ‘puritanical’…I feel that in its essence is a mix of pure and titanical…or maniacal.

And…you either like pussy or you dont…I dont like fancy words much. I like the word pussy though…its so warm and comforting and I know that at some point in my existance I came out of one.

I didnt come here to give you constructive critics since I can hardly draw a line by myself.

I like your work Hangar, I would deffinitely hang the 1st image on my wall(but thats just me).

Selfportrait in lesbian threat…