Three line scripts

I’ve got a class of kids learning Blender. Some of them are working on Blobby, who will wind up as a cartoon face (eyes and mouth) that gets around by bouncing. Right now I’m thinking we’ll do lattice deforms for the overall animation and shape keys for the lip synch.

I’m looking for some short, punchy scripts. Three lines, two characters: Set up, response, punch line. Ba dum dum. Maybe 10 to 20 words, 5 to 10 seconds long. We’ve got a sound studio next door to the computer lab, and plenty of kids willing to ham it up in front of a microphone, so getting the script recorded is not a problem, once we’ve got the script.

And when I say kids, I mean kids, my oldest student is 15. So keep it clean…
Or not. I can filter out the raunchy stuff.

So what am I offering for your efforts? Fame and Immortality? :slight_smile: Your name in lights? :smiley: Not much, really. :frowning: I’ll talk to the boss about getting the sound files posted as Creative Commons, so you can use them in your own work. Of course, that will probably only apply to the scripts we actually use, so it’s somewhat of a crap shoot whether your particular script will wind up as a 16 bit wav file. How about supporting education? Bringing up the next generation of Blenderheads? Yeah, that’s more like it! :smiley: :smiley:

Well, let’s start with a simple, and probably pretty rubbish, one.

Person 1: This chocolate is niice…
Person 2: That’s not chocolate.
Person 1: Looks surprised

Feel free to substitute a substance (probably edible) of your choice with chocolate. Could be a challenge to animated while chewing, up to you.

Great! :smiley: Keep em coming!

Well, let’s start with a simple,
I expect they’ll all be pretty simple being so short.
and probably pretty rubbish, one.
And I think this is exactly the kind of thing that would appeal to the kids when they pick out a script to lip synch.
Still, variety is the spice of life, :wink: so don’t hold back!

Daniel Jackson: This tastes like chicken.
Samantha Carter: So what’s wrong with it?
Daniel Jackson: It’s macaroni & cheese.

a: Wow!
b: What happened, dude?
a: I found myself!

a: I went to the store today.
b: What did you buy?
c: An apple, a pear, and a honey bear.

1.) I want to live forever!
2.) Why?
1.) That way, I can see the end.

Here’s a couple of great ones from

  1. what should I give my sister for unzipping?

  2. Um. Ten bucks?

  3. no I mean like, WinZip?

  4. The “bishop” came to our school today.

  5. What was he like?

  6. He was a freakin imposter, never ONCE moved diagonally.

  7. I wish my lawn was an emo.

  8. Why?

  9. So it would cut itself.

Hey, I’ve got a dog with no nose…
No nose? How does he smell?
Just awful!