three new images now that mudpuddle is back up

First images using the new blender 2.35

Those are kewl.
The second one reminds me of Mario. (Dont know why though)

Mario games are usually bright and colorful and have a lot of bricks and stuff like that. That could be why.


i must say that that is a rather large improvement

its nice to see that you are back to working with blender again

the lighting looks a lot sharper and more toned than your earlier works, but in some places (particularly the second picture) the lighting looked a little too flat… i guess

but it is nice work


P.S.: use the WORKS IN PROGRESS… they are there for a reason

hey Kansas they are shit :stuck_out_tongue: naaaa just kidding.

i like the textures on the first one a lot, the crazy shaderishness of them is refreshing. but i feel the first one could be pushed compositional wish a lot further, to become more of a completed/ balences artwork.

the second one to me feels like monkey ball (that nintendo game).

the third has a good sence of scale, and such, but the materials and shading make it feel flat rather than 3d. (perhaps the colour choices you sre using)

you seem to use full saturation of colours in your work alot, this isn’t a bad thing, but perhaps some colour theory might help with your use of colour to define space, and to make a composition.

using random colours like fawns, deep purples… might change how your images feel a lot. 0.345 red, 0.972 green and 0.299 blue (i.e. non standard colours) might help push things.

keep it up.


:o there’s quite a lot of stuff… colors… shapes. not bad.


Hmm…psychedelic?`insert stoned smiley here :wink:

Hey, a very good return! I like those images, especially the sense of composition, they are very well balanced in space (scuse me for my english, i’m using italian terms for graphics… hope you understand the same!!!).
Keep on, you look promising!!!