Three of my decent works (.blend files!)

Here are a few of my models and renders, so I though I would share them, as well as show the off. :slight_smile:

Ok here they are in order of quality:

First up is a very high poly 60w-100w light bulb.
There are a couple imperfections, to increase reality.
198k vertices

*note I adjusted the model a little after rendering.

Next: A not entirely accurate, but still a nice model of a GE-NX jet engine.
277k vertices

And lastly, a model of an Embarer Phenom 300 buisness jet.
It has a few issues, but I got the main shape with a few details.
391k vertices

Here are the .blend files:
Light Bulb
GE-NX Jet engine
Embraer Phenom 300

The modeling looks good, but you should really try to put them a scene, like the engine in a mechanical environment.

Right, the renders are basically just to showcase the models.

It’s hard to showcase models with very flat renders that only show the frontmost of the model.

I’d suggest giving more of three quarter view.

HOh! the Dragon has spoOoken!

I like the light bulb scene. thanks.

I know, I know :stuck_out_tongue: