Three problem with flag...

hi all

 I'm working on a flag for more then 5 hour now, reading lots of stuff on soft bdy tutorial, animating texture and so on and i always have some problem. The best way to have a "natural" flag for me was to put wave + sotf body + wind... Lots of tuuning...

here my problem :

  1. the “x” wave is going on the wrong side, which mean that the wave is going toward the pole, not from “it”. The promblem come from the wave, not the direction of the wind, i check that :).

  2. In Max studio, we use to have “world” coordinate and “mesh” coordinate. We can rotate the “mesh” coordinate somethime so the “x” was on the other side (the positive was toward the left). Maybe this will help me with the flow of the wave. If you know how to do this :o).

  3. Because of the wave, all the vertice move, even those near the pole. I’ve try to put a hook on some, but they still move. To correct this, i decrease the height of the wave… But is there is a way to tell blender to wave only some part of the vertice ? A kind of vertex paint for the wave to?

Thanks. Answer to any of this 3 problem will help me :slight_smile:

I made a flag and found it didn’t need a wave - if you think about it, that is what a real flag does - it is just affected by wind. To add a bit of randomness, change the strength of the wind on an IPO.

Your right…

Sometime, we past just too much time on so little detail, when the simple thing are just beside :slight_smile:


Also check your flag’s “G Min” and G Max" setting in your soft body settings. For example if you set them both to zero, your flag will literally fly off the screen. For me I tried G Min:0.9 and G Max: 1.0 and its getting there. It also depends what you set G Damp and G stiffness to also.

And as for those vertices on the stiff/pole edge of the flag, try setting the vertex weigth for these to 1.0. That way they don’t move.

Playing around with the Ipo setting, I agree is a good idea.