Three Questions

how do i rig a particle emitter to follow an armature in pose mode? i can get my meshes to work fine but when i try the particle emitter it refuese to follow the armature.

in 2.33a can i still make vertex groups by hand and have those used when i parent the mesh to an armature, instead of blender making its own? those 2 new menus have totally thrown me off.

can i make a lattice only deform certian verticies? im tryting to make a mouth and eyes and stuff but at the moment i have to make them whole other objects and thats annoying plus instead of just opening and closing the whole mouth object deforms incorrectly.

i hope you guys can help me out. im working on my best project so far and im really excited but im getting hung up on these problems. if you need clarification on any thing please ask, i really want this stuff to work out for me…*:slight_smile: anyway thanks agian and thanks for all your help in the past

that is a bug

I don’t know if it will be fixed in 2.34 [theeth would, pherhaps he’ll chime in?]

you choose “parent to armature”
“don’t create groups” [which should probably be rephrased to “don’t change vertex groups”, or “keep existing”]

you should read up on relative vertex keys, because no, you can’t do that with lattices

hey, thanks. im very happy to hear that something i did was result of a bug instead of my own inability, i take it as a sign that im getting better. :slight_smile:

anyway thanks for your help, i really appreciate it, going to try all that right now!

when i get some better results ill post some images so you can see what you helped me do, heh. anyway thanks agian.