Three Rock Beach

First attempt at doing a project in Blender. It’s done but I’m hoping for suggestions and/or improvements.

this is “finnished” so my first suggestion is to export the image using f3 while in uv image ediotr to save it. anything else will just come with experience, like using bums, etc.

Well, what are some of the things I should add. For instance…what are bums? Is there anything else that would help breathe life into it? Do you have any suggestions with the water?

I would put in some waves. Right now, the scene lacks life and action. It’s not a bad scene at all. But, it does need a little something to add that spark.

Take a look at this .blendfile at for some ideas. He did an awesome job in my opinion.

BTW, nice first attempt at a scene. Much better than mine was!