Three shots of serious product design

Hi all, here s three shots one of my last design projects… Its aircleaner with special salt microparticles mechanic spray…
[email protected] are welcome…

Soft: Blender 2.49b
Yafaray 0.1.1

Very nice, I’m jealous ! :slight_smile: This is why wee like Yafa !

I love the colors, this is very good, congratulations…

I agree they’re great renders and a rather interesting/unique design. I’m curious if they will be used for publication? If so the top one has that confusing bit of orange that shows through the slots in the table top. The chair doesn’t appear to be close enough to be seen that low. And if it’s not the chair, What is it?

I think they’re technically great! But as a composition that spot throws it off for me.

very nice design, I like it.

Looking great ehehe, and your design capabilities are also very different from usual, and that is great!

The scene is very realistic but i just don’t like the biscuits. They just don’t look too … whats the word… Tasty. If they were in real world, i wouldn’t have eaten them.