Three simple Tutorials Dump!!!

Hey guys, new here…
Some art and tutorials, hopefully you will like them.

This tutorial is simple (Videos)
-How to draw anime girl with guns

Tutorial for this:
-How to draw and paint Samurai woman

the last one…

This Tutorial: (Step by Step)
-How to paint scary monster


I just visited your site; countless hours worth of inspiration and learning there.

BTW, your resume is also sweet. I wonder, if someone like you, who is an industry profesional, would integrate Blender into their workflow…and write about Blender and how you use it in your workflow.

Again, excellent stuff and very inspirational.

Thanks man. I am allways browsing the net for stuff like this. My only critique would be that the sound is a bit to low even if I increase my sound output to maximum.

Geat job.

Tef>> Thanks! I know, I am just experimenting with the tutorial at the moment. All the tool are free and crappy. Soon I will have to get some fund (from me) to get the real recording program. : )

Looks that the girls has same body proportions only difference it is little in the heads.

Your monster it is an cross from an dinosaur + gorilla + spider (the head).

You can use audacity for recording audio and some app to add the sound to your video , even blender can be used for mixing video with audio (limited).

hi thanks for the tut i have just had a go at the one to make a girl with guns
love to here what you think