Three thinking glossy heads...

Head works like this can lead to all sorts of interesting results :slight_smile:

One thing though that stuck in my mind most of all was the current title (“Three thinking glossy heads”). Never underestimate the power of titles in art, even in their absence. A well chosen title can add so much to the interpretive potential of a piece.

I was thinking something like “Hear No Evil” might be a cool title for this, given the position of the opposing heads and the lack of ears :wink:

Anyway, keep on Blending!


Paint their faces blue and you’ve got “The Blue Man Group”.

As for titles how about "Your mind is ours’’ or “HMMM… Very interesting”.


“We think as one.”

It looks to me like the mouth is lopsided, though.

lol the best name suggestion so far has been "Your mind is ours’.

Any more name suggestions? I might put a capition there XD

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