Three types of snapping operations that should be possible but aren't

The screen shots illustrate my frustration. I often want a vertex to collide with an edge while I am using Snap To Edge.
This would be handy whether grabbing, scaling, or rotating - but it just doesn’t work as expected.

Try to scale-snap or rotate-snap and instead of snapping it just passes right through.
Grab-snap works but only when you are grab-snapping perpendicular to the edge.

Do others share my pain? Should I write a feature request to somebody? who? I don’t think it’s a bug, just an oversight.
Or is there is a hidden way to do it through an obscure 5-key shortcut or something?
Curious to know what you guys think.

Extrude the EDGE , (you probably want to pick a direction tangent to the view), then use FACE snap. It might be worth creating a duplicate of the mesh first if you are worried about being able remove the additional face

I’m somehow short of snap to the middle to add to this list - need to loopcut or subdivide or use A key which usually leaves vertex somewhere near something. Knife does not cut plain edges; does not snap to the edge vertices if there is no plane to it.
Eyeball things, keep to the Grid.

Try with curves, it snaps correct to mesh edge, grab and extrude, then convert to mesh :slight_smile:

First I laughed at the irony. Then I tried it and it didn’t work. Hmmmm

Guess i can kinda share your frustration.

Thanks for taking the time to illustrate with the video, however… read a little more closely my first post. :wink:

Try doing the same thing while constraining to the X axis. Doesn’t snap so well anymore now does it?

True, didnt read well enough. Next try is Knife project :slight_smile:

There is a nifty workaround in the Dynamic Spacebar addon. Enable it in File->User Preferences->Dynamic Spacebar Menu. Now extrude your individual vertex a little in whatever direction you want (constrained to the x direction in your example, but this will work with any two lines). Select the two lines. Now press SPACEBAR->Snap Cursor Menu->Cursor to Edge Intersection. Snap the extruded vertex to the cursor. Magic.

Thanks for the link,this is a most amazing and useful addon !

Coming from Lightwave and enjoying the benefits of LWCAD move/rotate/scale snapping, I dearly miss these features in Blender. Being able to snap a rotation to a point/edge using a defined ‘edge’ from a selected pivot point and goal is so useful.
Just hope someone is assigned to snapping soon as I get fed up of trying to eyeball everything. :frowning: