- free 3d scans in .stl without copyright restrictions

A lot of 3d scans of sculptures and some other things too. Might be useful for sculpting reference, creating characters by retopoing the scans and so on. Or just slap them in a scene as they are. Most of them are pretty huge (a few million tris).

Some more info with the people who made this possible here:
Thanks a lot to them! :slight_smile:

edit: scans in .obj as well, seems like there are a few different formats.

cool, thanx for the share :slight_smile:
scans look great (ô¿ô)

“can be used without copyright restrictions”
thank you for you all

bravo, thank you very much… and i’ll gladly forward a word of you

super link - will be great for reference. Strange that there is no info on licensing

Seriously, great find. Thanks for posting about it. I’ve been looking for something like this for drawing reference.

Thank you very much for these sources!!!

thanks… anyone know of more sites with models like