Threedy Contest - - Carnivore Plant

it has been a loonnngggggggggggg time I don’t post in here, but here I am

Before anyone asks
this render here I used AO, but it didn make much diference, most of the lighting is done by a hemilight, a sunligh and a lamp

I didn’t make any textures, just played a little with blender. But I wil make the textures later

see more here[/img]

Good stuff. Good luck with the contest :).


cleanning the dust from the old projects

another one with a stronger lighting (this one is a little older so it’s a little different)

Hi Falk,
nice modeling and scene here. Interesting one, too :slight_smile:

Lighting: I find it very good.
Material: it could be a little richer on the texture level, but I think that your use of translucency for the plan eating the lizard is very well done.
Composition: I’ll change the point of view to have a closer view of the lizard being eaten, with a very slight zblur DOF effect for the rest of the scene.

The only thing that disturbs me: my eyes are attracted by the messy things in the foreground, but I really can’t catch what’s all this: a dead carnivorous plant with a dead lizard within?


Nice work on the plants (pitcher plants as they look like).

A Carnivore plant? Awww… you shouldn’t have… (:D)

I’m still learning to use the LSMSOMETHING to unwrap the models to make the textures

the thing on the back is supposed to be a “wooden grid” were those plants that “climb” on other things grow (I don’t know this name in English). I’ll make new leaves for this plant… but it’s only part of the scene, it’s not’s supposed to be a carnivorous plant or anything important to the project

The dead flower… leaf… or whatever that is has a dead lizard and a puddle of digestive fluid… and the other lizard on the righ is just about to have the same destiny … :<