Yes. The updates will be gradual with progress from storyboards all the way to final. I will try my best to give insights on the process along the way. Not just updates.

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OK, there is a ton of stuff happening behind the scenes. And I have not done my duty to keep up. But one of the things that happened was we had a pow wow about the overall design of the characters. I will go into more details later. But here are a few teasers:


Additionally I finished my very rough version of the storyboard that my concept artist takes and makes into a “real” storyboard.

Here are samples of the outline I give the artist (mainly images from the internet and my crude sketches )

And the artist take:

My continued outline:

And the artist interpretation:

There have been a lot of other things happening but this is a sampling.

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Really great stuff. I look forward to watching this project grow and seeing it turn from idea to finished product. And I don’t doubt their is going to be a lot of great knowledge to learn from here. I wish you and your team the best of luck. :+1:

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Looking good, very excited to see what is still to come!

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Yes. Me as well. Thanks!

Have you done more progress of the short film? Looking forward to see what you’ve done in the past month.

Thanks for the bump.

Lots of progress. I have been meaning to clean up this thread and update it. But… busy with so many other things. But I and the team have been progressing on this. Let me just give a general sampling all around.

First, all storyboards are complete.

There is also an animatic now. And a rough version of the song. I will record the vocals with a singer next week. After I have a good rough mix with that I will post an animatic.

Other modeling progress:

The street for the opening shot:

The stretcher:

Some character modeling:

concepts for flying vehicles:

modeling for those:

More character concepts:

I plan the callender on her wall will have some kind of painting of dance.

This is a sample of something one of the artists is working on.

There is more of course. But these are the highlights.

We have also started blocking animation. Need to get that into a more presentable form after I nail down the animatic more.

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Some more updates on Angela’s Character design:

OK so this is interesting. I find I am learning a lot by trial and error when it comes to managing a small growing studio. I was going to edit parts of this thread, but decided to leave it as a record.

I finally realized the importance of assigning leads. Sure, I got the concept and have “understood it” for years. But have never been faced with it personally. So as we have grown from a 6 person team to over double that, 14 now, and we start working together on things it becomes obvious how the slight differences in style can change from artist to artist.

With the small team, this was easy to manage. One concept artist and a few modelers, it was easy to assign tasks. And with paying work and in-house work it was fairly easy to manage. And then came the interns from the local college. Now things started getting more complex. And then I wound up hiring them. And then the next round of interns the next year, I took a few of those too.

So now, when we take on a fairly ambitious project like this one, Thirve, there is a tendency to want to put as many people on one thing. For example 3 or more on modeling. And getting help with concept art and so on. There is just so much to do.

But it was bothering me that there was no real consistency. And also that some of the artists were more or less “forced” to work outside of their comfort zone. And they were all too willing, of course, they want to help. But up to now I had been managing the studio very democratically. And trying to get artists working in the things they enjoyed most. Also having votes in the studio. “How should be proceed?” and getting agreements. This is all good. Up to a point. Every time I had a vote, the answer was “Yes, we all agree we should all pitch in and help!”.

Finally I had to step in and be more of a decision maker. I did not like it. But it was what we had to do. And the decision was I would have to assign Leads. Starting with the obvious choice. And that was one of my artists was a great concept artist as well as modeler. And she has a great feel for this style of animation characters. In fact, she is perfect in this role. She is a recent hire that has worked out extremely well.

Now here is the catch. If I assign a lead, that means other artists have to work under the lead. And the lead has to really crack the whip to make sure there is a consistency in quality. And that means that the underlings would basically be artist/slaves to the style of the lead. Or you go out and hire people who fit in the style and sensibility of the lead or can fake it very well.

I did not see the practicality of either thing happening at my studio.

Fortunately the saving grace is that we had many things that we needed leads for. And the answer was staring me in the face. For this project only a certain number of them in the studio were working on Thrive. So the answer was to simply assign more leads.

Character Artist
Realistic Props
Space Age (robotic) props.

And then one artist really wanted to learn under my main concept artist. So he is more or less assigned to him as a protegee.

That left a few others already working on other projects to which they had already been assigned as leads.

Problem solved. Everyone was happy. A little uncomfortable for some of them to be taken off characters, but everyone understood and were happy to be a lead in another area.

So here is some of the work of my new character artist lead:

Fist Zbrush Sculpt of Angela:


Thanks for the update – except your images (“some of the work of my new character artist lead”) aren’t showing for me. :confused:

Bummer. Anyone else?

And are you Mac, Windows or Linux?

But if I click on something then it enlarges and shows the content.

Windows here

edit: Maybe bec relatively high res together with high count of images ?

OK. Thanks

Ok, let me know if there is improvement.

Windows. Now I can see them tho.

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All good now, interesting style by the way.

cool. I re-saved smaller and adjusted the format.


Very interesting insights, Richard. Funny, I’m working in a different field, but a similar size working place, and there is a similarity of experience about heirarchies and roles. If your workers are good people (personally, not professionaly), and they respect one another’s abilities, things usually work out. At least that is my experience.

Thanks for the comments!

Yeah it’s true. And you can continue to grow a company on that basis I think.

Up to a degree and It does have limitations. For example if you are in a service industry some customers may not get the same service as others when you don’t have a consistency between staff. Just as a very general corollary.

On a creative project however, the issue is that the inconsistency affects if the project holds together artistically. And that is the main challenge. And the larger the crew the more critical it is to establish leads.

Interesting that my team was large enough to establish leads but just barely large enough to have underlings. In some areas this is in place, such as concept art and 2D design. And one guy wants to train the most obvious person under him to do some specialized modeling for one of our clients.

For now that is about as far as we can stretch it.

Coming in a few months we will get a flow of interns and it is going to be interesting to have Leads for them to work under. So this is a critical time for us in so far as expansion goes.