Throat Worm*UPDATE* scroll down 'Worms'

Alright, Just finished this, a small project.

Its a mix of many inspirations(including the worm things from elephants dream), but It turned out looking great. The materials and textures took a little while, but Im definatley happy with them.
Ive attached a couple fo pose shots, Thanks for looking,


Ew. Nice. XD

nice texturing.

Thanks guys!

oh my bad,did that rite now!

Wow. I really wish I could do that!

cool, that reminds me of me.

oh, poor guy…
Thanks for the comments everyone, Glad you like :wink:
Keep postin!..

Alright, heres a variation, Took almost an hour to render(blender internal)
Hope you enjoy…
All Comments wanted!

Those are really great materials- congrats on the 4*s. Maybe it’ll be 5 once I’m finished rating you :slight_smile:

Nice, I like the second attached image in the first post the most.

Perhaps a very slight glow effect on the highlights? They seem a little harshly edged.

The only thing really I’d like to see different is some sort of point where the teeth meet the… thing. A slight lip, like on actual gums, just to make it slighlty more real.

Again, nice image :slight_smile:


@alden:Thanks man, I hope so.
@IanC: Yeah, I like the second as well. As for the harsh spec, im working on that right now…
There may be more variations to come, does anyone want any?
Thanks everybody

Wow, nice stuff bro. So what’s you light setup? 3 point?, Maybe post a screen?

thats sick. :smiley:
i love it when people post yucky looking stuff.
care to share your material settings?

Their teeth are black now, is that supposed to happen?

Gross, but well done on the materials.

I wouldn’t want to mess with that thing.

@jackblack: the ligthing setup is just a spot(for shadows and strong light) and a couple oforangeish lights so it doesnt get too dark. Oh, and sub AO at 8
@kramer3d: thnaks man
@BlackBoe: Yeah, I kind of thought the teeth looked bad in that tanish color…so i changed them
@Cyborg Dragon: Thnkas man, Good to hear from you.
@Everyone: Im gonna leave this a day or so(Im working on some more variations) And then Ill post the material settings…
Peace, keep the comments(and votes :wink: ) Coming!

discusting… there’s some 5 star work, just like everything else you make:)

Thanks jeepster, Glad you liked it :slight_smile:

How come I hadn´t seen these? Pretty good, and yes, they make me go “yuck, and watch those teeth”, which is what you were going for I guess.