Throne of the Unforgiven

I want two things: a huge open world and a roguelike RPG.

Been hard at work at bringing it about. Now that I’m halfway done with the more technical aspects, I’m moving on to further developing gameplay.

And so it begins.

The ultimate plan:

  1. Building up your party: You may befriend or hire NPCs to form a knighthood, band of robbers, witch coven or even an army to conquer towns and castles.

  2. Resource management and a world without money: agriculture, hunting, mining, fishing, foraging and chopping trees; crafting stuff to build stuff. Put together a cart, get some groovy fortifications going or just smith yourself a fine axe and go raid.

  3. Campaign or sandbox: Play as different pre-made heroes and follow their interconnected stories in a bonkers fantasy setting or create your own guy to go off the grid with.

  4. Diplomacy: Get funky with the intrigue. Befriend, betray, swindle, plot, bribe, blackmail, capture, ransom, assassinate or execute people who stand in your way… or be honorable and probably die for it.

But more importantly, I’m building all of this with the goal of making it as easy to mod as possible. I’ll be open sourcing this project on release, but any derivative works inherit my licence, which basically says you can do almost anything with this except sell it as yours.

So pray for me and let’s hope this coffee I’m sipping shows me the way towards enlightenment.


WELLP, this last month I learned a whole bunch of new things… and now I see just how many things I got wrong in code. Do you know what this means? GROUND UP REBUILD!

Now, now, don’t worry. Concept remains the same and a lot of the logic can be kept the same, so it’s not like it’ll take me more than a couple of weeks to port everything. Only major change is I’ll be switching from isometric to first person, solely because I’ve been meaning to do a first person game for years and my coding is at the point where dealing with three dimentions isn’t such a big deal.

That said, the original files for the isometric affaire will remain untouched in case I want to revisit it later on. But since I’m shelving iso for now, if anyone wants to take a look at the isometric version to mess around or try and develop their own project out of it, PM me or something and we can talk about it.