Throne of the Unforgiven

I love the clouds. It’s so great that you can the view distance to go out this far! Also the clouds are great! Are they a shader?

Clouds are a sphere cut in half, upscaled and a standard material with some nodes.

Vertex colors are just black and white, to better control transparency.

I have this on a background scene, together with the moon, starts, sun, and things. One could also do a single image I guess, but I felt it was more natural to have separate objects.

And the view distance… it’s a bit tricky, it basically meant duplicating the number of cells to load.
This is more or less as far as I can push it without it being a serious strain on resources.

@Liebranca Open World?


Yes, that’s right. I’m making an Elder Scrolls knockoff!

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MKAY :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

lm looking forward to more!


Rewinding back to the original design phase of things, I had this in mind:

And I actually like these things, but I want them streamlined – fun over realism.
So I’m in the middle of reworking ideas. It’ll be essentially an Age of Empires kind of deal.

Collect wood, rock, food and gold and those are your base resources. Simple enough.
You invest those resources to get your buildings, military and labor going.
Then there’s “special” resources that are harder to find – you use these for endgame upgrades, higher tiers of magic, unlocking badass abilities, that sort of thing.

Yeah, yeah, I know – I said “a world without money”. Well, scratch that. I made a sound for picking up gold coins and it’s priceless, so I’m using it.

So, let’s get started with this. Chapter one – how to chop down a tree? Smack it.



Nice simple (yet dazzling) effects :slight_smile:

I don’t just say things maan. It’s so golden and coiny, takes me back to my childhood.

Time for a little rant. This project has gone pretty far aways from what I originally thought I could do on my own, that’s pretty good, but it’s still obvious it’ll take me years to do it all by myself.

So here’s what I’m thinking: I’ll take the next few months to tie up loose ends and put out a demo.
After that, I’m taking a breather. There’s some other game ideas of a more reasonable scope that I’d like to work on, and I’ll never get to them if I dedicate myself solely to this one.

The to-do list goes like this:

  1. Building. Logic is about halfway way there actually, I’m just working out details.
  2. NPCs, dialogue, forming your party. I’ve written the basis for AI and I just need to tidy up pathfinding because it’s weird in some places.
  3. Polishing the combat system some more.
  4. UI stuff. Things like character creation, magic, stats, classes, inventory and the like are already functional but I never got around to adding screens and buttons so the player can actually interact with these aspects or even realize their existence.

And now, some screenshots in a more acceptable resolution.


@Liebranca I just have to say that I’m astonished at how fast you got this project to were it is now in such a short-amount of time. Keep it up :smiley: :+1:

P.S Are the textures set on REFLECTION & not UV or is that just the way the textures are designed (?) :thinking:

The land is done with a splatmap and textures just map to global.
Rocks, trees, grass, character, clothing, weapon and the water, of all things, are UV mapped.

Now the water is a special case because I’m adding time to the mapping vector through nodes.
But it’s still UV’d. This means I have to make the UVs match between each chunk of water to avoid visible seams, also rotate them around so it flows the right way. Not my most brilliant idea.

I then have separate materials for things like metallic, which I get in the simplest way possible by using a matcap set to reflect. Layer that on top of other materials with color mix node and a vertex color mask.

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Alright, alright. Let’s have the talk.

To keep developing this, I need A) more money B) a decent computer.
I’m not even going to ask for donations so I have something else in mind. You’ll see soon enough.

For now, if anyone wants to take a look at how I did X or Y, you’re free to take a look.

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On first thought, what’s coming next for me might merit it’s own separate thread, but I believe in avoiding clutter and this one is relatively young and small, so what the heck. Seems logical to confine my studies to one topic.

A little bit of practice/experimentation building better face topology, trying to get into the habit of using references more. Not quite so good yet, but it’s progress; this dude started out as a plane.

Once I’m good enough at it to get the shape right and maybe reduce the tri count (this one is around 2,000) I can start thinking about some more serious facial animation.

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Okay so the last one was barely passable and looked creepy up close; my perspective was way off. Took me a few retries along a whole day but I think I’ve finally nailed it – this one is just a few hairs shy of 700 triangles and in my opinion looks a whole lot better.

Now that I have a human head with good toplogy, I can maybe start working on bodies.

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Body is done, went for female because just totally my opinion but it’s easier to transform girl into dude than backwards. I need to completely rethink the skin material and do some serious texture painting, other than that I’m quite satisfied with this.

Oh, also eyes and teeth. I might want to think about those later on.

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Texturing underway, also I did the eyes.

I’m not sure I want to do any more significant changes to the skin though. I sort of really like the way it looks now. I baked in some subtle details I sculpted onto a normal map, but nothing too crazy like adding in pores, roughness and such.

Also eye color, skin color and hair eventually, all driven by object color. You have no idea how much time that saves.

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Are you modeling things in EEVEE :thinking: :grey_question:

Nah, blender internal, by some miracle I can run 2.8 with just barebones integrated graphics but still eevee makes my system go into cardiac arrest. I’d upgrade but the pricings are through the roof down here, I have to live on less than $200 a month and pay these damn taxes maan.

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Okay, added teeth and hair. Some facial animation too, right now we have an emotional range just barely bigger than Steven Seagal’s, but good enough for now. I’ll keep working on it. Oh and by the nine divines I need to add eyebrows! All in due time.

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Wow, is this greatly-detailed character even low-poly enough for BGE :thinking: :grey_question: