through the light.

well, i am super bored today. so i was looking through my old blender folders and i found this image ! i don’t have the original .blend because my computer crashed before i got a chance to save. but i do have the first render from it, and so yeah. here ya go:

i liked it

its beautiful but please can you make that image smaller.

you don’t like it anymore?

im glad you liked it. and the image can’t be any smaller. i lost the blend file :]

Took the liberty of compressing it in Photoshop. Here it is, half the size.
Hope you’re not angry…


really, i prefer images to be nice and large. that way, i is easier to give c&c.

great image. i really like it.

thanks :]

but,what’s the technique you have used? :o

I guess you use yafray, do I see some difraction? Anyway it looks good :slight_smile:

…it’s 1024*768 and ~49 kilobytes, how is that too big?

I like it mostly, except I don’t like the other spheres showing up in the closest sphere. They look really weird. Not sure what you could have done about that.


You don’t like the spheres showing up in the closest sphere?


I think that’s one of the most awesome parts.

piterx & ZanQdo: yes, i used Yafray, with the newer refraction features. basically its 2 planes on the sides and some spheres with glass material…and the world color is pure white.

thelonesoldier: well, im sorry you don’t like the spheres showing up. but even in real life if you had glass spheres set up like that…the ones behind would reflect through…

Mrdodobird: thanks !