throw a blender site

the number of blender sites is increasing rapidly!

i will start putting some randomly

and here is the classifications

~:: News ::~

~::educational::~ [learn mechanical stuff]


~::reprisitories::~ [blends] [models] [ materials ]

~:: Game Engine ::~

~:: Animation ::~ <<< Official Blender Foundation Rigs


~:: Architecture ::~

~::blogs::~ [reviews blender DVDs books and products]

~::Developers sites::~

~:: General 3D ::~ [lighting series]

~:: Resources ::~ [textures] [textures]

German <<<- big german/austrian/switzerland blender community

this is a very rough list, leave a website & category so we make a decent list!

Community sites listed on the site

blendernation for news
bmesh blog,farsthary and mfoxxdogg have blogs too

Developers sites:

i like the rig repo site!
new one, never heared of it before! :slight_smile:

3DGURU, dutch and german are not the same :stuck_out_tongue: dutch is what we speak here in the netherlands, while german is what they speak in germany, austria, switzerland etc. The website is german :stuck_out_tongue:

1 other blog you might want to add is the blog of andy, artificial3d:
although it hasn’t been updated for quite a while, there is some awesome stuff on it :slight_smile:

add it and theprocessdiary too

This is so neat! I guess this coming weekend I will frequenting this particular thread!

video (tutorials, tips, tricks, demos) sites and channels




PaPa: included your first link and some other links were added, i don’t think this is where we put video channels, only sites.
thanks! is mine - that would probably go under blogs

i find harkyman’s blog useful

add it and cgshark

The Guerrilla CG Project is a great site for tutorials and overviews.

I have only visited that site one time before but have found it more useful than most tutorials I have ever seen (and I have seen A LOT!)

add it, add another model repo

If you are feeling up for it, you can check links section on posted sites, and see if something new comes up.

I find Adventures in Blender a good site for an honest opinion on whether a Blender book or CD is worth buying. = new site for me
rab3d, your site + your signature site were added
I added something like 8 sites today :slight_smile:
also i benefited from new ones i never saw before!


My site: