Throw and break action

Hi guys, this is my first post on BA, even though I will admit I have surfed it for a while now.

So I have a cylinder (glass cup) that I have cell fractured.


Parent the original cup that is not fractured to the shards. When the parent collides with something, it goes invisible whereas the shards become visible. Dynamics of the shards are initially suspended, but on collision they reactivate.


Exactly what it sounds like, to be able to throw the parented cup at anything and have it shatter like real glass.

I have been trying for a while now, but the logic I have been trying is not working. I was going to try and parent using the actuator, but the remove parent counter part seems to do nothing in run-time.

Any help very appreciated. (I tried to upload a .blend, but 2.4mb must be to big for here.)

I suggest you do not have the shards active at all.

Add them at the time of the crash. You can easily do that with the addObject actuator.
The intact cup is not needed anymore at that moment. You can remove it via endObject.

Ah yes, of course it is so simple now that I think of it, thanks monster.