Throw some trash in my grave, just to prove it's the same

Inspired by a BONES song


If you threw trash in my grave, I think I might rise from the dead and slap you over the head.

Kidding aside, though, I don’t know the reference, but really nice image, particularly the soil and grass and DOF.

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I think the concept is nice and thought off but there aint no trash outside the grave and the grass looks a bit artificel to me.

Thanks man, here’s the song which inspired me if you’re curious:

The main idea was to have only trash inside the grave, since it’s inspired by a line from a song where the rapper compares himself to trash, hence the “just to prove it’s the same”.

Is there anything in particular which you don’t like about the grass?

How was this grave dug? Why isn’t the grass around it stomped on and where’s the pile of dirt? :wink:

PS. Also, please don’t actually bury non-biodegradables!

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That explains a lot, ths song as inspiration. Nice. About the grass i think the grass is a bit big in relation to the hole. I think if the grass would be thinner it works better for the picture and it’s more proportianal.

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