Throw your opponent!

How do I make my professional wrestler to lift and slam the opponent?

Grabbing and throwing even crates is a really tough task.

  1. The grabbed object must be deleted or at least hidden and disabled.
  2. An invisible mesh must swap to a visible mesh of the grabbed object.
  3. The grabbed-object-mesh must be parented to the grabber’s armature for proper animation.
  4. After the timer expires, the object must be released (grabbed-object-mesh becomes invisible again) and the thrown object must be added or reactivated using an empty distanced from the thrower.

I’m making an action strategy game the players can choose their character. How do I make them throw each other? for example the pro wrestler suplexes the karate fighter.

an old file before 2 years (i don’t delet my files:evilgrin: at all , they may become necessary :D)
it’s made by
z3r0_d (Nick winters)

it will learn you how to pickup and release an object in the game
good luck

edit :- you must begin with a simple game not an adnvanced one :slight_smile: .

I dont understand…

Thats now what I mean I mean the wrestler suplexes the opponent or any wrestling moves.