Throwser animation

(Zweistein) #1


How do you like my walking Throwser?? I Think it s called Throwser… or??


(BgDM) #2

I think you mean trousers or pants.

Not to bad. Only the legs seem to move though. Could use a little more movement in the arse area and make the hip area move as well.

Great work.


(azrael) #3

Thats a great job with the modeling as well as the animation!

But as BgDM said the hips could do with a little swaying … watch someone walk and see that the hips move from side to side.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

(Zweistein) #4

Thank you very much so far.

Keep up the good work

I will do that… I am making a big Stargate Movie.

(Nahtanoj) #5

Looks good.

All you need now is the rest of an SG team member a pair of shades and a staff weapon or a zat nicatel whichever one you prefer.

were you able to get all nine chvrons for your stargate?

I look forward to seeing your stargate movie.

(Nahtanoj) #6

Made a mistake about the chevrons theres about 36 of them but nine positions for them to be locked into if the symetry of the gate is taken into account.

(Zweistein) #7

I will find that out, then i model them :wink:

(Nahtanoj) #8

cool… 8)

(gr8hamster) #9

i did a search for ‘stargate’ to see if anyone else, aside from me, has worked on one, and I found this… but…
if you don’t have all the Chevrons I have them… in order!!!
I also have all Chevrons in order for the DHD(Dial Home Device) that’s in the television series.

I don’t see an attach option for these forums so if you want them just e-mail me at ‘[email protected]’ subject:Chevrons.

I’ll be glad to send them to anyone who wants them.
:smiley: 8) :stuck_out_tongue:

plus… umm i cna’t seem to be able to view to avi Realplayer says something about Dx5 decoder or something windows media says something about not able to find decoder…

oh wells. :-?

(_Aorus_) #10

I’d really like those chevrons :). send them to [email protected] please. It’s my younger bro’s email, cuz i’m too lazy to turn off my email filter.

(Ecks) #11

you have to download the divx codec at

(Zweistein) #12

New WIP at: