Thumbee & Snowsy - on the lose in daddys office.

These two are the very best of friends…
but today they´re up to no good… Can you feel it?

Oh oh…Nooooo! Not the office furniture - I´m going to have a meeting
in just an hour!

Peek a boo…

That´s what you get for bringing cartoon characters into your office
tsk tsk…

I don’t like Snowsy :-?
It’s like he was wearing bare skin clothes :o
Nice fur thought, you should get some shadows cast from the characters.

That’s incredible! Keep up the good work.

That teddy characters fur looks like a plasma shield! Might wanna work on the fur a tad. But other than that. Tip top. :slight_smile:

I like it, but the lack of shadows really makes them look like they are floating and not touching anything.

There doesn’t seem to be a concentrated light source in the scene.


I was wondering if someone would mention the lack of shadows and since BgDM did, allow me just to say great modelling!