Thumbnails for Finished Games - are enabled right now!

Dear forum members,

we recently had a discussion how to improve the game engine subforums. One of the ideas is to enable thumbnails for the Finished Games forum similar to Artwork/Forum Gallery.

I talked to the admins and the other moderators and they are positive towards this idea.

If we do all thread owners in Finished Games should to ensure their entry contains an image that can be thumbnailed respective is supposed to be a thumbnail.

There is exactly one thumbnail image (I think the first attachment of the top post). It can be a screenshot, a logo or anything you think it represents your game [Videos do not work]. This option can help you to attract your game to visitors of this forum.

Do you want thumbnails in Finished Games? -> vote now

Any remarks? -> please leave a comment


Maybe gif’s would be more appropriate(or embedded youtube video) something like what solarlune does though im not sure if it would be acceptable to use gifs in the header of the website or if it has to be a still?

Gif’s are not enabled in this forum. (edit: thumbnails are always generated .jpg)
Videos can’t act as thumbnail but can remain in the thread.

I would say that the Resources forum also needs the thumbnail implementation (since it is technically also a finished project) :slight_smile:

if this does go ahead will we be able to change or modify the thread image? (if we add updates etc.)

I will ask if they are updated automatically.

Very nice idea!

I did a short test:

The thumbnail gets generated from the first attached image.
The thumbnail can be updated by removing the current source of the thumbnail from the post’s attachment list (it can still reside in your attachment gallery). In this case a new thumbnail will be generated from the first attached image.

It seems there is much acceptance towards thumbnails in the finished game forum.

I will suggest to the admins, that they enable this feature for us.

It will mean some work for all posters. It would be a good idea to prepare some good images to represent the game in the thumbnail.

Good news, Wes enabled the thumbnails at the Finished Game forum.

It seems a lot of Games already have a thumbnail. Others do not have one … so check your submitted games and add an image.

Thanks, Monster! Looks much more appealing already! :slight_smile:

It does look really nice. Thank you monster!

It’s kind of annoying that you have to be signed-in to see them. Also, gifs of gameplay would be more informative, as opposed to just thumbnails of whatever … Are gifs allowed?

Either way, it’s definitely an improvement.

No, .gif.

The allowed types are mentioned in the download dialog (?)-button. Only images can be converted to thumbnails.

It looks great, it’s really going to help the argument that the BGE can make good quality games because it allows us to see the games that would otherwise be missed.

Now if the forum thumbnail code would specifically allow us to choose which one to use for the thread view (the one chosen for my mini-golf game is not exactly the best I got).

They look nice, yeah! Thanks a lot! Can we get them for WIP games, too? =o

@Ace - I think the thumbnail is the first screenshot posted in your thread.

Yes, the first attachment is the one.

Just out of question, is there a logistical reason as to why the rest of the forums can’t have a thumbnail too? I think that it would be great for resources and WIP games to attract attention… It would be sort of stupid for Game Engine Support and Discussion, though. I am more interested in clicking on a game or resource that looks interesting/appealing to my interest than just a title without any information – speaking of which, I think that the forums really need visible tags under titles to help categorise and identify content.

This too much to ask of, or would it be fairly easy to do?

I agree, doing this for WIP games and resources could be helpful as well, especially considering we can change the display picture as monster mentioned before.