Thunder/ electricity bolt effect.
I have been doodling around with random graph A*star something and render draw line.
Its nice from distance, but it seems that render.drawLine doesn’t support line thickness manipulation.
Up close it’s not really tolerable.
It takes less than 5ms in logic.

Maybe someone has ideas?
Is it even useful to someone?


electricity2.blend (535 KB)

woah! this is awesome! this reminds me of red alert 2 tesla tanks! all my tesla weapons dreams in my games will now come true, thanks for sharing!

I know this isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but it is an effect I once wanted:

You can change the color with the object color, and get some really neat effects:

Here’s the blend:
lightningflame.blend (617 KB)

By editing the gradient (which controls where the brightness/flames/lightning are, you may be able to achieve the effect you want. I’ll have a play tomorrow and see if I can do it. (sorry, I don’t have any more time today to blend)

For reference, high voltage lightning/arcs doesn’t actually look like that! The actual blueness only happens for an instant when the arc initiates. From then on, all you see is a massive yellowish plasma arc. I can’t find a nice video of a laboratory demonstration (which is what I watched in our universities high voltage lab), but here is a nice video of a substation arcing:

You can see that the arc forms once, and then stays as a plasma until it get’s too long to sustain. This is because the initial arc ionizes the air, which makes an easy path for the electricity. Then as the air blows the ionized air around, the plasma follows it. (at least, that’s my understanding)

Thanks for the response guys, but the suggested alternatives are more like beam kind of solutions.
Or am i mistaken?

I had an idea of an arc that has that unique fluctuation or wiggle.
Beam just doesn’t feel right.
I can’t replace the lines with meshes as i would need 60+ of them given the path joints.

If i could draw those lines thicker or with bit more features, i could work out something better.
I just started learning c/c++ and done some basic flood fill there…
Maybe i can do the generation there somehow? (How to run c in py?)