Thunder, Lightning, Castle and Dragon

Hope you enjoy it! It turned out darker than expected on video render (the frames are a lot brighter) i don’t know if thats due to dithering during compression to wmv. Its 800*433 and just over 20 secs long @ 2.8Mb.

Here it is!
EDIT: Link no longer available

Let me know what you think

i actually like the lighting. And the animations and models are great. But the rain drops looked too big. :expressionless:

I think some motion blur might help with the raindrops. They seem to look a little too sharp with the lightning flashes. The modeling and animations look really good. :slight_smile:

Apart from the (already mentioned) huge raindrops it was really good!

OMG! Me likey. How did you get the fire breath to look so good? Do you think you could post the settings?

yah. the fire looks suburb, along with the rest of it. i think the dragon coming down at the end is a bit bright though. keep it up!


Man that looks awsome apart from the big raindrops as stated… well , eevn that I could forgive seeing that this lends itself toward those anime styles game intros. the conclusion was very nice except the dragon was a little too hard to see during the film, but at the end it was way too bright, just tone that down a bit and you will be fine! 8 out of 10

same about rain drops and dragon… also it ended a bit abrupt… I know the dragons just eaten me (ouch - gonna feel that in the morning) but from a cinematic point of view you could do with a black screen for a few more frames or black fading to brilliant white then credits… I sound so Holywood…lol

well i just finished adding titles an music, and for those of yu interested in the particle system, i have built the same thing in a separate blend file which i shall post soon. I’ve just got to add the sparks system on top. in the end i’ll re-render with smaller raindrops. Q. If i add motion blur to scene, that will blur dragon also? how can i add blur to just those raindrops?

Thanks for responses!

EDIT: Link no longer available
See thread for .blend. I posted in blender general forum as more people may find it useful too.

Looks really good. I think it only needs to be a shade lighter, not much at all, just so you cansee the dragon manouvering properly. Otherwise, fantastic work!