Thunder Soldier of Rage

Hi guys, this is my latest personal project during previous holidays. The character is from One Piece call Thunder Soldier of Rage. Hope you guys like it. :eyebrowlift:

Here is a turntable video I have created.

I love it. The painted wood and the lighting are top notch. Great how this render shows the subtle details of the wood!

Wow, an amazing render! The lighting and materials are especially superb. :slight_smile: Great job!

Thanks, @minoribus. The lighting is simply a three point lighting with HDRI. I have spend time tutorials and reference photos to try to get the shading right. :slight_smile:

I agree, the shading and lighting is awesome. Maybe your sunflower is a bit too translucent comparing to your dark background. You should exclude it from your Rim light effect. but great work overall

Thanks, @Ride_the_flow for pointing out the part I have to fix. Will try to tune down either rim light or translucency of the sunflower when I doing the rig process. :yes:

I mean bright and not translucent sorry. But the brightness is due to the translucency…

Yup, I think those grass also need to tune down translucent a bit too.