Thundercats HO!!!

That show kicked ass. Soften up the edges a little by playing with the spot shadow settings and turn up all the options to make the light look less bandy.

i always wanted to do this effect…can you teach me how did you do that?

Sure. It’s called volumetric lighting.

Take your object. Shine a spotlight through it. Turn on halo in your lamp settings. Play with the STEP settings if you want the shadows to show through the light.

Heh. Pretty neat. But the design isn’t attached to the ring around it. Or, if it is, I can’t see that it is.

lowpoly can see the edge of the circle even in the light.

Ahhh the Eye of Thundera! Sword of Omens give me sight beyond sight!
I loved that show man!
Nice work Dbugged, I think you’ve captured the look very well. What about moving the mesh out of view so we just get the silhouette? Just a thought.

Here’s an update. Notice what my new avatar is? :smiley:

i liked the other better ;), looks kewl tho.

Thats cool Dbugged! I can just imagine Lion-O doing Thundercats Ho.