Inspired by stephen2002 here is a quick ThunderStorm still…

I’ll animate it as soon as I understand how can i copy an IPO from one object to another…



APPRECIATIVE WHISTLE that lightning looks very good indeed. And so do the bushes. How did you make them?

Regarding your IPO copy problem - there’s an IPO editor suite script which can do that (amongst many, many other things). I can’t remember it’s original site, but I seem to remember seeing it on that massive page of plugins that was posted here recently…(search the python forum).

Keep up the good work, m8!

thanks… well, bushes where done with the Lsystem script… for lightning, well, the mesh you can guess ;), for the effect I’ll maybe write down something after I managed to animate them :smiley:

/me goes looking around! Thanks…


correct me if im wrong but blender does copy ipos but u have to go to that “i” window (the 1 with autosave and grid options) and turn them on.

Mmmm… it desn’t solve, that duplicates the IPO if you duplicate the object,
I wish to place the same IPO (for later rescaling) on a different object which already exists (and, in any case, it is a completely different object, not a different instance of the same class…)


I cannot find any link to that script anywhere…



Copy to buffer and paste to buffer works only if an IPO exists (even if empty!!!) It does not create it! (funny though)

Thanx guys


glad that I could serve as an inspiration. :smiley:

Well, it looks pretty good, however, it may be a little bit too spidery and it is not bright enough. When lighting strikes and it is dark outside, it litghts up EVERYTHING, and from what I have observed, casts no shadows.

Also, the groud looks rather strange.

Good start!

That must have been a pain to model. Did you actually model those bolts by hand or is there some other simpler way? The way the bolts glow is really amazing. It’s an extreamly nice effect. The mountains in the background remind me of somewhere in Africa. Excellent job on the mist. I love how the trees fade away into the background.
If your going for photorealism I’d suggest getting rid of all the little bolts on the bottom of the lighting bolt. That may be what it’s really like, but it’s not what people expect to see. If it’s in an animation and you only see the little bolts for a split second, then it’s alright, but it looks strange in a still image.

LethalSideParting - There’s an IPO edit script, if that’s what you’re thinking about -

Gasp! how did you get that glow-effekt?

Great job.

Nice scene!

The ground does look a bit ackward though.

you just gave me an interesting idea… The Lsystem script could probably be used to create lightning bolts… Or is that what you used?


How about this way to copy an ipo:

Make an ipo-curve for the first object

make a second object

with the second object selected go into the ipo window and use the “browse/add new” button to share the ipo

finally make it a single user


HI S68 :wink:

Don t you was the one from the forum?? Ich think i thought you often there, but i don t know if you really was it… Do you remember me? Perhaps, you remember if you see one of my old animations-> divx



thanx for comments.

Me is going to write a tut on the bolts, to explain the glow-like effect. in any case they were made with the L-system script :wink:

For Zweinstein… yes, I’m me myself :slight_smile: Nice to hear from you again.

For the animation…

BOLTS DON’T SHOW UP IN THE VIDEO (even if I’m sure I’ve seen them while rendering the frames… grrrrrrrrrrr I’l render frame by frame…)