ti-89 titanium

I was just trying to improve my modeling skills and i came up with this :slight_smile: tell me what you think, and what i can improve…


a little update


The model looks great… the texturing/materials just look a little off… idk y… I think the gray part might need higher spec maybe? idk it just looks like it’s missing that one thing that will make it like OOOOHHHHHHHH!.. also, i forgot if it was on in second picture, but OSA is your friend…

nice work!! how did u get those textures for the buttons?

thanks :slight_smile:

The texture is just taken from a image of my own calculator :wink: But it was only a test… I never tried to make a realistic texture before, and this is just a practise for me… I will update it shortly

Good work. thumbs up

I am not sure if the spec is correct in the black part. It looks a bit unnatural due to the color.

Also the upper corner of the calculator seems to have rough edges.

Hard to say anything else without a reference.

<edit> I sought a reference. It seems you have a bit detailing left to do but keep up the good work still. You should probably add noise texture mapped to normals for the silvery part.</edit>