Work in progress


The render seems pretty good. What do you wish to achieve?

Cool, reminds me of my tek scope I did a while back but if you are as old as I am you’re not a real man unless it’s an HP, and none of these new fangled 48gs’s either… whipper snapper.

Real men use slide rulers. I have a scope in my basement that uses vacuum tubes. Hint: vacuum tubes is what people used before integrated circuits.

little upgrade
some details added


I had a tektroniks tds 210 ( used for my engeneer study) but I sell it last month …

Some of us still use vacuum tubes . . . when in comes to electric guitars, it ain’t a real amp if it ain’t pushin’ hot glass!

I want to see someone render this scene using vacuum tubes.

maybe you could rent a whole storage complex and fill it with vacuum tubes. You could say “slowest render machine in the world!”

Finish :eyebrowlift: