Tibanna gas refinery + Skipray Blastboat (WIP)

I’ve spent the past day or so working on this; it’s a version of the Tibanna gas refinery you can see in the Empire Strikes back; we’ll be using it as the setting for a short film we’re making over the next few weeks.

The scene will consist of the refinery and a cloudscape; eventually, i’m aiming for a shor not dissimilar to this:

Which is of course a still from the original film. It’s getting there, but proving difficult. I’m using Blender render rather than cycles to get the volumetrics, and also to keep the fuzz low as i’ll be animating the scene eventually.

Some progress:

Also started work on one of the other models we’ll need for the film, a skipray blastboat. I’m having a really tough time texturing it, so it’s a toss-up currently between finishing the texture job or 3d printing and hand painting for a studio model.


Dropped the Cgi models - were using chroma key now with physical models, but we’re still trying CGi back drops. This is the final rendition of our outpost:

As you can see, we’re using flat backdrops - any tips on maintaining the illusion wehn the camera moves? Currently it looks slightly odd.

sweet, its like the platforms map on star wars battlefront