Tibetan Bowl

Hey guys,

Here’s a new still life rendering done in cycles. Took me a while to get the silk and bowl materials tweaked, but I’m pretty much done with them at this point.

Some post-pro (and slight denoise) in photoshop.


I did enjoy! Nice work. Very well done.

Wonderful picture, great photorealism!
The wood looks real to me

Absolutely awesome!

Very nice, I like it :slight_smile:
Great tiny details in it.

Thanks guys (and girls) - really means a lot to me :slight_smile:

Took me a while to patch together, because I’m rendering it for print, so it’s about 2800 x 2200 px (11" x 14" paper size). That “render to print” script really makes things easier!

Can you tell more about that script ? Never heard of that.

Congratulations on the picture !

Congratulations on the picture !

Thanks Gwenouille - this blender wiki page explains the add-on pretty well. Basically, it sets the pixel size (and dpi) of your final render based on the print size you are looking for in either cm or inches. I think you can also set the pixel size, and get the print resolution determined for you as well. It’s useful for anyone who’s not as mathematically minded :wink:


Thanks Illusionist. I usually do the maths quite quickly, but I’ll give it a go. It’s a good idea anyway !

beautiful image.nice mood created by the lighting(professional photography look).lit with hdri?

Your scene looks really nice. Interesting subject matter as well.

lit with hdri?

Yes, rusted. A publicly available HDRI indoor scene was used, along with three mesh lights. Using a classic studio setup (key, fill etc).

Good news! A client liked this image so much, she wanted me to render a new banner image for her using this same setup for her website.

Here’s one with more of a “filmic” look and an orange glow in the center of the bowl…[INDENT][INDENT][INDENT][INDENT][INDENT]